The Essence of Tango

Argentine Tango – Beginner Class

Experience the Elegance, Passion & Connection of this Beautiful Dance


Argentine Tango is a fun and relaxing social activity that can be danced by anyone regardless of age or level of physical ability. It is an improvised dance based on effortless communication between the leader and the follower. Learning Argentine Tango is not just about learning the steps but also about developing poise, elegance and balance. As a truly social dance, it is also a great way to increase confidence and communication skills.

Learning to Dance the Tango


Dancing Argentine Tango is very simple. At its base, all it involves is walking to music with your partner. However, like many things that are simple, you can spend a lifetime perfecting it!


At The Essence of Tango, our private lessons (for individuals and couples) and group classes are great fun and are designed to get you out on the social dance floor as quickly as possible. Lessons and classes focus on connection, musicality, techniques for leading and following, improvisation and navigating the dance floor. We also encourage individual creativity that allows you to develop your own style.

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