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Brisbane Tango Lessons

Argentine Tango Lessons and Classes in Brisbane

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Private Tango Lessons

We offer a range of Argentine Tango lessons in Brisbane at our studios in Toowong and Kelvin Grove. Lessons are available for individuals or couples.

Brisbane Group Tango Classes

Group Tango Classes

You can enjoy group Argentine Tango classes at our Toowong studio. Tango classes are available for beginners through to advanced and no partner or experience necessary.

Wedding Dance Lessons Brisbane

Wedding Dance Lessons

Whether it be a single wedding dance lesson or a series of dance lessons, we can cater to your needs to create your big day a little more special!

Brisbane Tango Lessons

Learning Argentine Tango is not just about learning the steps, but also about developing poise, elegance and balance. As a truly social dance, it’s also a great way to increase your confidence and communication skills.

Learning The Tango

You can learn the beautiful Tango with The Essence of Tango in either private lessons or group classes. All our lessons are taught by leading Brisbane Tango teachers at both our Brisbane dance studios, which are located in Toowong and Kelvin Grove.

However, if you prefer and you have a suitable space, our instructors can also provide lessons at your home.

Want to enroll or learn more? Then call on the number below or fill in our contact form here. We’d love to see you at our Brisbane tango lessons.

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Dancing Argentine Tango

Dancing Argentine Tango is very simple. However, like many things that are simple, you can spend a lifetime perfecting it!

At its base, Tango is based on walking, turning, stopping, and adornments, and is a creative expression of the feeling and connection you have at a particular time and place with your partner and the music. This creative expression causes the Tango to be interpreted differently each time you dance. Men and women bring their own styles and adornments to the dance, which significantly contributes to the dance’s uniqueness, unpredictability, and fun. Each partner never quite knows how the other will react to a movement or interpret the music. Like all good conversations, when both partners contribute, the result is much more enjoyable.

Argentine Tango is danced in an embrace that can vary from very close, with a chest-to-chest connection, to very open, with the leader and follower connecting at arms-length, or anywhere in between. It’s up to you and your partner. Close embrace is often associated with the more traditional styles, while open embrace leaves room for many of the movements and adornments that are associated with Salon Style or Tango Nuevo.

Argentine Tango Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Tango with a Gift Certificate!

What better gift than a gift certificate for an activity that your loved one or friend will love! They will experience the beauty and elegance that is tango.

Gift Certificates can be purchased for individuals or couples, and tailored to suit your preferences ( private lessons or group classes) and budget. No experience is necessary to enjoy the lessons or classes.

Why not purchase a lesson for your partner for a ‘Date Night’?

A gift for life!

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Why Choose The Essence Of Tango

We offer a range of Brisbane Tango lessons at our studios in Toowong and Kelvin Grove. You can enjoy private Tango lessons, group classes, personalised Wedding Dance choreography and lessons, event Tango workshops, social dance events, and more. Our dancers are also available to perform at special events.

If you’re ready to enrol in Tango lessons, call David today on 0419 665 046 to secure your spot.

Want to learn more? You can read more about our Brisbane Tango lessons here or Brisbane Tango classes here.

Our Tango Instructors

David Blair Brisbane Tango Instructor

David Blair

Argentine Tango Instructor

Anita West, Argentine Tango Instructor

Anita West

Argentine Tango Instructor

What Our Students Say

David is an intuitive and inspirational teacher. He is able to work with you at a level that matches your capability and is able to build skill, technique and confidence quickly. He is supportive while being instructive. I have had lessons and practice sessions with David for a number of years and have enjoyed his lessons very much.

Di Robinson, Brisbane

The Argentine Tango is a beautiful dance, and with the expert tuition from David Blair at his Essence of Tango studio, I’ve been able to learn and gain confidence with the tango. Everyone is welcoming and it is a delight to attend his classes. Highly recommended! Thank you David.

Jesus Zas, Toowong

Featured Articles

Tango classes near me

Styles of Argentine Tango

Within Argentine tango there are various styles you may hear people refer to. Styles are as unique as dancers and it’s foolish to try to categorise either. Just know that if you hear terms like ‘salon’, ‘milonguero’, ‘fantasia’, or ‘orillero’, someone is talking about a certain style.

tango lessons near me

The History of Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is a dance loved by many from all around the world. It has been around for many years and has cultivated cultures, societies and history itself. The dance is filled with passion, connection and elegance.

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Learning Tango

Tango is more than just a dance! You will improve your posture and movement (mobility, balance), connection and awareness with self and your partner, as well as the benefits from the social interactions tango brings.