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Tango Dancing


David’s Tango Story

Coming from a non-dance background with little understanding of music, my start to dancing was VERY slow.

Starting with Ballroom Dancing in my early 30’s, my teachers showed great patience and encouraged me to persist and that I did. A number of years later, I come across Argentine Tango whilst on holidays and quickly enquired about this ‘new’ dance. I quickly become totally absorbed with Tango and upon returning home, pursued opportunities to learn as quickly as possible. Once again it was slow going but I find that helps a lot now as a teacher as I understand the process that some students need to go through.

Through many lessons and classes myself, initially in Sydney and Brisbane and more recently in Argentina and countries within Europe and Asia, I continue to develop my dance and in turn provide a better service to my students.

Amie’s Tango Story

I was dancing other Latin dance styles socially before I discovered Tango. Needless to say, I have not looked back since.

What a joy it was for me to have discovered the Argentine Tango. I felt “captured” by the beauty, music, elegance, embrace and the connection that is Argentine Tango. And I know that you will feel that way too.

My passion and love of this dance has developed very quickly and deeply, and I have never felt more contented and blissfully happy that when I dance Argentine Tango, as I feel that I can reach far and beyond myself. It has given me the path to achieve meditation and fitness, and has been the door to discovering and joining a wonderful dancing community – things you can look forward to as you begin your own Tango journey.

My love for this dance has helped me quickly reach the technical skills required for performances and now teaching at The Essence of Tango. I am honoured that David has asked me to assist him to teach this beautiful Tango dance. I look forward to sharing my passion and dance journey with you.

Argentine Tango

Begin Your Tango Story

Are you ready to discover the connection and fun of Argentine Tango?

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We look forward to joining you as you embark on your own Tango story.


David is a remarkable dancing coach. Not only am I learning to dance but it has helped with back and feet pain that I have had for years. Not only have my body aches and pains gone but I have also lost quite a lot of weight and feel better for it. ~ Emme Y.M Tsang

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Tango Terminology

Molinete — Windmill; wheel: A figure in which the lady dances a grapevine on a circumference around the man, stepping side-forward-side-back using forward and back ocho technique and footwork, as the man pivots at the centre of the figure. This is a very common figure in tango which challenges both the man and the lady to maintain good posture, balance, and technique in order to perform it well.

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