David is a remarkable dancing coach. Not only am I learning to dance but it has helped with back and feet pain that I have had for years. Not only have my body aches and pains gone but I have also lost quite a lot of weight and feel better for it.

Emme Y.M Tsang,

David is an intuitive and inspirational teacher. He is able to work with you at a level that matches your capability and is able to build skill, technique and confidence quickly. He is supportive while being instructive. I have had lessons and practice sessions with David for a number of years and have enjoyed his lessons very much.

Di Robinson,

We have enjoyed our tango lessons with David Blair enormously. Though one of us had never danced at all before, we found ourselves progressing well despite the challenges. David was beautifully patient and created an environment we felt comfortable learning in. Even as beginners, we gained a sense of the beauty and complexity of this fabulous dance style. But most of all, we've had great fun!

Linnet and Dev,